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Professional Exterior Painting

The greatest way to increase value and curb appeal to your home is a well done exterior paint job. The key to a good looking paint job is all in the prep work.

We start by pressure washing the whole exterior of your house. Then we replace any rotted or degraded wood. Then we thoroughly scrape and sand the areas to be painted as to ensure they are smooth and ready for painting. We then prime any bare wood, caulk all gaps and cracks to defend your home from water intrusion, and apply the appropriate top coats of paint for your house.

Reasons To Get Your Home’s Exterior Painted:

Boost the Value of Your Home

If you have any plans to appraise your home at some point, then the best way to improve its price is through having it painted by experts. A proper paint makeover may definitely help you with the resale process, especially since your home’s external appearance is the very first thing that your potential buyers see when deciding whether to buy your home or not. Consider the following, if your potential home buyer sees the exterior’s lackluster paint job, then they might sub-consciously think that going inside and checking out the home’s interior may not be worthwhile. On the other hand, if they see how immaculate your home is from the curb, then they would immediately show interest to investigate further.

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Let Your Home Represent You!

Our company offers services you can trust. Your home is a sanctuary. So, we should let it look impeccable.

Upgrading your home does not necessarily mean you have to get an all-encompassing remodeling project. Exterior painting services are a cost-effective way of upgrading your home’s curb appeal. It’s also an expedient undertaking, unlike other renovation jobs.

Boost the Look of your House

All it takes is good paint and the expertise of professional exterior painters to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Besides, exterior paint can cover or conceal the permanent imperfections on your home’s exteriors.

Moreover, a professional paint job will also leave your outside surface uniformly smooth. Having an aesthetically appealing home from the curb can also create the impression that your interiors are just as beautiful. Therefore, it excites any guests as they enter your home.

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exterior painting

Safeguard your House from The Elements

The older the property gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to the common degradation. When you hire exterior painters, not only can a proper paint job’s protective coatings and caulking help your home’s exterior protect against the common degradation but it can also protect your property against weather and environmental damage such as moisture, solar, and UV light.

Furthermore it can also prevent mold, mildew, and insects from infesting your property’s exteriors.

Increase the lifespan of your siding

Regardless of the type of siding your home has, whether it is a vinyl or wood siding, a fresh paint coating can improve the siding’s durability for the foreseeable future.

This means that a fresh paint job is actually not a waste of your money but it can help you save money compared to when it comes time to replace your siding. Not to mention, it can also hide any abuse and imperfections that your siding has suffered through its duration. Our paint services can also provide additional protection to any areas that have already degraded.

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Make Your Home Livelier or Classier

We all have personal tastes and preferences. So, the color of your newly purchased home might not be up to your standards. Or, there comes a time that no matter how much we love the color, after a couple of years, we grow bored and need a change.

Now, you can make your home livelier, classier, or just achieve any look that you wanted it to have. Believe it or not, a fresh coat of paint would be enough to transform your home and make you ecstatic to come home every day.

Prevent Wood Rot

If your house is built from wood, then there is a need for you to refresh your home’s paint frequently. Considering, the older the paint is, the more it is likely to get damaged.

When that happens, moisture and even precipitation can infiltrate your property and your paint, causing the wood to rot. Over time, it will destroy the foundation of your home and so, don’t wait for that to happen and instead, have your exteriors painted as soon as possible.


Our Process for Exterior Painting:

Painting the exterior of your home is not as easy as merely applying the paint. The proper preparatory work need to be complete. So, please refer to our company’s process for exterior painting services:

Pressure washing

Our exterior painters will pressure wash your home’s exteriors in order to blast away the dirt and the grime that has accumulated on it. This process is vital because it ensures that the brand new paint to be applied will stick to your home’s exterior properly. The process may last for a few hours or more than that, depending on the surface area of your property.


In the presence of loose rocks and soil, our painting professionals would move them to a proper location to ensure that the paint goes below the surface level and that we can apply the paint below the grade.


Unpainted surfaces such as gutters and window screens are masked off to protect them from the paint.


After the pressure washing is performed, our painters scrape off any loose paint chips left on your exterior surface to allow the paint to better adhere to the surface. Our painter would scrape off all paint that has peeled.


Our company will recaulk any eroded caulk around your house. Our painters would also be examining all siding and trim so that in the case of any loose boards, they will be secured by re-nailing them.

Priming & Painting

Any new pieces of unprimed wood that we installed must get primed. Certain surfaces, depending on conditions, must get a primer coat before receiving the two final coats of paint. Like mentioned earlier, this process allows the paint to adhere better to the exterior surface and prevent peeling moving forward. Our company will then apply two coats of paint on the exterior for coverage} and professional protection.


We don’t stop just because your home is now painted. We will never leave your house with a mess. So, our painters will clean our mess up and dispose of all the masking left on your home’s exteriors. We promise to leave your house completely clean.


Once your work is completely finished, our painters will carefully inspect the work to ensure that it satisfies our quality standards. Our painters will personally ensure that you are pleased and completely satisfied with our work before we leave your property.

When deciding to paint your home’s exteriors, it is always extremely important to see to it that the paint job is done professionally. With that being said, always opt for credible, reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced local exterior painters like ours. By doing so you won’t regret your decision. Request your quote today!